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05. Juni 2019
29. Mai 2019
We look forward to seeing you! Straw Fire
24. Mai 2019
30. April 2019
News about the Fête de la Musique in the "Neubritzer Nachrichten"
12. April 2019
Hello, fought fan base, be curious, we play on the 21st of June 2019 to the Fête de la Musique - Berlin, on the Naturbunker Neukölln, with the ProNeubritz e. V., in Rungiusstraße 19. There are also the duo Twenty: Thirteen with acoustic rock pop and the cover band Go - On. Start at 18:00. More will be announced! So - please note! We would be very happy to see you! Thank you! The StrawFire Band
24. März 2019
Values fan base For a long time we did not hear anything from ourselves, but be sure we are on new songs and there will be a special project in the late October / mid-November that we are working on, in collaboration with the "H(e)artchor Berlin ", among other things, with many well-known rock songs, and with our repertoire and new or redesigned songs! Be curious, and of course we would be very happy if you are back! Further information will follow... The Cool Tubes 😎
31. Dezember 2018
24. August 2018
do not panic, even if you do not hear from us at the moment, but after a guitarist has "lost" us, we are trying out some musical "stuffing" - after that it goes on, it's clear! ... The Cool Tubes 😎
Musik · 04. Juni 2018
... first of all many thanks to you all, the 02.06. to our Emergenza semi-final appearance in the SO36!
Musik · 02. Juni 2018

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