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03. November 2019
27. Oktober 2019
...nur noch eine Woche... ...only one Week...
20. Oktober 2019
...nur noch zwei Wochen... ...only two Weeks...
13. Oktober 2019
...noch drei Wochen... ...only three Weeks...
03. August 2019
Values fan base, we have not heard anything from us for a long time, but you are certain that we are on new songs, and there will be a special project on the 3rd of November 2019, which we are working on, in cooperation with the "H(e)artchor Berlin", among other things with many well-known rock songs, and with our repertoire and new or redesigned songs! Be curious, and of course we would be very happy if you are back!… The Cool Tubes...
25. Juni 2019
21. Juni 2019
...well it was, to the Fête de la Musique, on the cultural bunker, with our band StrawFire, here are two video recordings of their own songs "Paper Boat" © The Cool Tubes and "Frog Song" © The Cool Tubes - Many thanks to all who were there and celebrated!
05. Juni 2019
29. Mai 2019
We look forward to seeing you! Straw Fire

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