Tickets for "The Cool Tubes"

Hello, dear fan base,


we have something for you, for your friends and acquaintances,

namely tickets for our performance on May 18th, 2023 in the PrivatClub,

to the Emergenza semifinals, admission is at 6:00 p.m.!

You can get the tickets from us for €12 (regular €13), or at the box office for €18.

We ask you for a personal message if you want tickets, these can then also be paid via PayPal, the tickets will then be deposited at the checkout, or in cash if handed over personally! Brozinski


We look forward to your visit!


You can also follow the official Emergenza link here and order tickets - but please allow cookies for the purpose of allocation to the bands!

A few notes from Emergenza on ticket sales:

*We have noticed that some ticket buyers do not accept our website's cookies, or even browse as incognito / private.

Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for us to track which band the ticket was actually purchased for in these cases.

However, since it is important for us and you to reconstruct online sales, you and your fans and friends should pay attention to the following:

-always accept cookies when prompted on our site.

-not to buy tickets with an incognito browser setting.

-Go directly to the ticket purchase when you are on our site,

   without surfing on it too much beforehand.


The Cool Tubes

>>> There are currently no tickets available for "The Cool Tubes" <<<

Tickets for "Straw Fire"

>>> There are currently no tickets available for "Straw Fire" <<<