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...only three Weeks...

Values fan base,

we have not heard anything from us for a long time, but you are certain that we are on new songs, and there will be a special project on the 3rd of November 2019, which we are working on, in cooperation with the "H(e)artchor Berlin", among other things with many well-known rock songs, and with our repertoire and new or redesigned songs!

Be curious, and of course we would be very happy if you are back!…

The Cool Tubes 😎

Valued fanbase,

do not panic, even if you do not hear from us at the moment, but after a guitarist has "lost" us, we are trying out some musical "stuffing" - after that it goes on, it's clear! ...

The Cool Tubes 😎

Many thanks to all who were there and many thanks for your support!

It was a great evening and TCT were very happy to perform at SO36.


And many thanks to all those who filmed, photographed and voted so diligently.


We will filter out the best for you and for us to present it.

The Cool Tubes at SO36, 02.06.2018, 6PM

A big thank you to all, who were in the private club!

We have won third place, and we are one more round!

Thank you very much, we will see you again next year, in SO36 !!!

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The private club is burning.

Emergenza Festival 10/18/2017 CONCERT GIG LIVEMUSIC Germany Review Bandcontest Band Competition Newcomercontest

On 13.10. went to the private club Berlin the first show of the new Emergenza season across the stage. 8 bands played to the semi-final in the SO36 early next year.

The first band of the evening was Ginger Nova. The four young men took the job of the opener very seriously and heated the audience in their 30 minutes stage time properly. Votes: 32

Secondly, Feuermeer entered the stage. First of all, it is surprising that there is no drummer in this formation, the guys with the first song picked up the audience. Their mix of rap and guitar music worked just as well as the singalongs, which the audience sang with joy. Votes: 43

With The Cool Tubes came a band "the old school" on the stage. Rocky guitars brought back some of the visitors' memories of his youth, which was still worthwhile in guitar music. Votes: 53

Octavo Par, originally from Chile, needed a little longer to rebuild. This was only due to the many effects that had to be brought to the stage. All these effects have a meaning, the audience was quickly convinced. A soundfuckery that was a lot of fun. That's how the jury found it and chose Octavo Par as the jury's winner of the evening. Votes: 43

Although still not so old, Two Doors played to 69 fun-punk of the 2000 Blink 182 times. With a singing drummer and a lot of party, this formation took the second place in the audience vote. Votes: 88

Why the singer of Deeper Than Fear was wearing a counterparts shirt, one noticed already at the start of the set of the youngest band of the evening. Emotional guitar surfaces, repeatedly disturbed by rocking riffs and a drumming "to the point" - this band has earned the preliminary round as a winner. Votes: 89

With the sun too close, the only band with a singer came on stage. A very nice change, which reminds us of the good times of Guano Apes. Votes: 25

The last band of the evening, Lorz Crew, was also the most vocal. 5 rappers and their DJ entered the stage of the private club in colorful outfits and had only one motto - demolition! They persecuted her so consistently that it was only right to close the evening afterwards. Votes: 49

After all the bands had played their show, the jury came together. This consisted of Florian Müller (Popakademie / Odyssey Music) and Jens Schwan (The Club Map).

They chose Octavo Par for the best bands of the evening, who are going to the semifinals alongside the crowd members Deeper Than Fear, Two Doors to 69, The Cool Tubes and Lorz Crew.

We are looking forward to the upcoming shows and advise all bands!